Why I write…


I first wrote Newsflash! in the fifth grade at James Bickley elementary school in Clovis, New Mexico. What I wouldn’t give to still have one of those folded and refolded tidbits of yellowjournalism – way before I knew what that meant. I’d scrawl Newsflash! across the top of the notebook paper, my assignments completed way ahead of my classmates, and develop shocking, hysterical stories about the adults – namely Ms. Vickory. Poor spinster, with her dusty hair teased high and her red cats-eye glasses teetering on her nose, she fell victim to childish ridicule. I had to do something with my time. I conjured up a ridiculous yarn about the rodents living in her hair, the roaches teaming under her skirts, or the wicked affair she held with the principle in efforts to remove summer vacation. Silly really.

The weird thing is my classmates loved Newsflash! That’s where all the folds came from, the slight tears in new corners, juice-box stains, and chocolate prints to smear the pencil smudges. I wrote to pass otherwise wasted time. The student body craved my words. One copy would make it through the fifth grade by recess. The second graders clutching the note by the teeter-totters; the kindergartners pointing at the crude illustration. “Ha ha, Ms. Vickory!” Even the high and mighty sixth graders nodded approval.

I want to recapture that feeling in some way – light up the dreariness of life for people, make them smile or laugh, even sometimes lament their own dark sadness. There must be some mystery left in life; I aim to embrace it.

I’m a dreamer, really…a poetess and a romantic. My blog is found at’ …and now we blog’ off to the side. There’s some fiction, reviews; just a scraping at the moment. I’ll get stronger, Time she decrees it so.


Picture c/o:  http://l.rgbimg.com/cache1sn7on/users/b/ba/ba1969/600/nvCTe0G.jpg


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