I am currently attaining my Master of Arts in Humanities at American Public University Systems. I expect to complete this degree by August of 2016. I am a member of the American Humanist Association, the American Philosophical Association, PEN@America, the History of Science Society, and the Socratic Philosophical Honor Society – currently filling the office of Treasurer. I would love to find another internship because I want to put my brain to good use. Philosophy has a mind to be “out there” gleaning experience.


One dream is to write. I enjoy deep characterization in efforts to breathe characters to life. Fiction offers easy escape from harsh realities. I like to know all I can about my characters and often write side scenes to find out details – favored drink or allergic to nuts. Bits of flair that may seem irrelevant but could offer depth or motivation.


Non-fiction is interesting because it is true and/or helpful. As I evolve, expository writing flows through my mind – believing we can change the world with words. Truth, consciousness, social progress:  so fascinating my edge for fiction fades.


History lets us be detectives in the past, philosophy reasons for truth, and literature adds the zest. I demand all three and hold that interdisciplinary studies diversely nourish the mind. Herr Professor reminds us to live life fully: a salute to Dionysian. To truly experience joy one must endure great suffering…on we struggle.


Due to subjective interpretation, reality is flexible, and – inspired by Walt Whitman – I began the Pursuit of Optimism in January 2016. MTF on Phase II Fieldwork. My Optimism Group is on the Pacifica app Group Code: JSIQDQWD I think exciting opportunity awaits those that look for positive encounters. First, one must convince the self and accept lessons presented by life. Yes, it may be difficult…but we can do it if we can dream it. #ThinkCreateEvolve #PursuitofOptimism #Dionysian

People say I’ve led an interesting life {I switch out “interesting” for “difficult” but I’ll take it}. They think it would make for an intriguing memoir… If reliving the memories isn’t too tough on the ole nerves, I may opt to do a creative non-fiction.


What I really want to write is something to address the rising consciousness of the collective, and the value therein for future generations of humanity. The Human Factor is unique though abundant – human nature twisting and growing – and the abilities we know are able to learn more. I am excited to be a philosopher, historian, writer, and occasional poetess.

…observe and contribute

Follow along to discover the exciting manipulations of nature as we roll through evolution. In the Twitterverse, I can be found @MmePhilosopher. For a while, the two were connected, but it seems that Internet schemes bog me down, alas…I am victim to technology.

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