Friday Fictioneers: “Gilbert’s Big Win”

Friday Fictioneers * Rochelle Wisoff-Fields * Photo Prompt by Rich Voza *

“Gilbert’s Big Win ” * 100 words * Angela Shaffer * 24 June 2016


Gilbert’s Big Win

Shuffling through the airport necessities, Gilbert’s mind drifted. Hours ago, he faced the ultimate wager. Time spent counting cards no longer tasted of success. Money bought problems not happiness. Years — just chasing the river. The proposition from Count La Fuse involved more than money. For once, Gilbert’s poker schemes produced some good. Facing foreign high rollers and eclectic thugs, he came up aces. Staring out the window, Gilbert felt like the hero. He cracked a smile when gate A19 lit up. The winning card caught a two on the flop. Gilbert won the pot and a mail order bride.

Hello Dear Readers and Fellow Writers…

About a month has passed since I’ve contributed to Friday Fictioneers. Apologies, but… I am in the throes of theory. Only four weeks left for my Master’s capstone project! I am filled with anxious terror and determined hope. MTF.

Who knows why I saw Gilbert’s story in this photo, but here he is. Recently, I’ve had a deep distaste for those who gamble carelessly because of personal experience. I do not gamble, I just watch others lose lose lose. Gilbert sounds self-important and bizarrely off-kilter as to what is good/right. Even in his semi-human moment when he realizes money does not buy happiness, Gilbert still takes the bet in efforts of buying a spouse. Seems my frustrations is surfacing here in my fiction, as I could not grant the character much human decency due to his gambler “nature.” Well, at least it is out of my system. Maybe now I can get back on positive reinforcement.

If new to Friday Fictioneers:  Click the Blue Frog below for a redirect link that houses all the stories written for this photo prompt. Talented and charming Friday Fictioneer authors post 100 word stories once a week as prompted by Ms. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Feel inspired to craft your own story? Plz do…the Frog also has a posting link.


30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: “Gilbert’s Big Win”

  1. He’s much too happy about the mail order bride–just another disaster waiting to happen. Would love to see the “Count” character expanded in a longer story (thinking he is probably a poser).

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  2. When I first read it, I thought he was rescuing the mail-order bride; evidently he’s the one she needs rescued from. Concerning your comment that the bride will turn against him, I recommend that she get violent and beat him up!

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  3. Good story, MW. I can understand your frustration with gamblers. In reading the story, I was wondering what kind of life the mail order bride will have with him. Well done and all good wishes for your advanced degree. I love the worm on the fishing line off to the left side. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  4. I’m not sure if I’m more sorry for Gilbert or the bride. I guess they deserve each other. I love your take on the prompt, very unique. Gambling is an addiction, these people need help.


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