Writing Prompts: Request for the Weird

Weird Writing:  Short Scenes for



Writers are artists that fall victim to dreaded “writer’s block.” One way around this – or means of breaking free – is found in random prompts. Online in blog-verse multiple methods are offered, and I came across one that granted permission to “get weird.” I love it…I’m weird already — this is a request for more!

Blogging communities provide creative outlets for writers, and means of connecting with other artists. I am a huge fan of Miss Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, click HERE to check out her project “Friday Fictioneers.” Every week, Miss Rochelle shares a picture. Writers create a 100 words or less story based on what they imagine from the picture. The Blue Froggy holds all the stories linked together. In this way, we each may read and enjoy other’s interpretation of the same photo. It’s super cool, I can’t thank her enough for her contribution to the writing community.

But back to the weird… The beauty of “weird writing” is that it does not have to be a chapter, or a poem, or a novel. “Weird Writing” can be as simple as a scene. I love to write scenes because later you can go back and build the story from the snip-it. I’ve shared some of my character profiles – definitely “Weird Writing” lol – check it out below.

…Weird Writing by Angela Shaffer

Dr. Friedrich Stein in “Waiting on Mistresse

Mistresse Modern … Still to come

Dr. Sheldon in “Untitled

The Knave of Hearts…not yet posted

Zora D. Ception … Still to come


I’d love some interaction!… describe your weird.



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