Poetic Glance at Thesis

Condense Theory

Unaccountable amounts of energy surge through theory,

Reduce, it is still too big.

Ideas rattle like odd, unfitting puzzle-pieces,

Find the connective thread.

Conjecture cannot battle empirical data,

Develop your own research.

…but the concepts I capture refuse reason.

Slippery, they escape my grasp.

…boiled down:  nothing is real, nothing is true.

How to convince the world that they create their own reality<>…

maybe its not a thesis, after all, but an entire philosophy for living.


{unsure why this file isn’t supported}

Hello dear Readers ~

My Capstone is nearing, two weeks away, and it is becoming my sole thought and function. The above is labeled “poetic” – but if that’s the case, it is a rather lackluster effort. My head is full of diverse concepts and ideas – a positive, it is good to have many thoughts. However, wrestling said idea into a proper proposal is bogging me down. It really is way too big, but I have not figured out how to let my brain accept that and reduce. I cannot bring my entire library to a poetry recital – I must choose one. So true for the thesis – it needs be ONE idea, with ONE clear message, ONE clear purpose.

Maybe this is not a poem at all, just a mad attempt to get control of my mind – make her understand the brevity expected. This will not be the only paper I write, it will not be the end – but the beginning of expository creation. My thesis is not the last breath of my academic career but more an initial scream to let the academic world know that I am here. I have unusual ideas and a cultivated perspective. I have the spark of curiosity. Artists see semblance and seize sublimity to media, sharing revelations. Writers know they speak to an audience; this audience will only hear of ONE method. I must write for my audience, not for myself. {old lesson still difficult to accept} I must not take this personal; this is larger than me.

Now, I have to make it small. So small that it is only ONE idea. ONE piece of a larger puzzle that I may approach later, after years of researching has guided me instead of my inventive hunches. Just ONE. Let it be a sub-chapter, a short path on the road of theory.


Picture c/o:  http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/08/0f/f1/080ff1af3362547cdc947e6718704a77.jpg