Multiple Nietzsche Posts…

This is the last one for today. I am sure my followers are full on Herr Professor for the now…just glimpse this last one, then we shall move on. Promises, promises. Directed as a response to the comments of my esteemed peer from HUMN 555.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Yes, I am guilty – I am an over-poster. If we were in a physical classroom, I would be the one to show up early and help arrange the seats into a circle. My graduate process is my life right now, and I intend to get the most out of it that I can. Dr. Harris is our most valuable resource for contemplating the 19th c, and I like to post my considerations so she can tell me if I am off-base or not. Also, as nearly half of my life has been spent in academia, I know that there is nothing worse than asking a question and nobody volunteering an answer so even if I am unsure if my answer is correct, I want to at least make an attempt. *Because we are not “wrong” we are learning – as long as we participate, we win. This week, specifically, as our topic was Herr Professor, I have many thoughts. While Nietzsche developed amazing concepts, he is rarely afforded much respect – and this right here is my first green light to write on him. Every other class, the professor writes Nietzsche off as a madman. {Let us all raise our coffee mugs to Dr. Harris for giving Nietzsche a chance and allowing his name to be used in her classroom!}

I want to love Kant, but I just can’t {hahasnort, I am so sorry, but I could not resist philosophy-humor.} I am pretty sure that Kant was noted as religious – whether he actually was or not, we will never know as successful academics are often directed by their audience. The moment anyone said anything against the Church they no longer were invited to the best parties. Go-go societal urge, pretty much embodies the categorical imperative.

I love it when a song comes around that I can dissect, and it makes me so happy that you liked my interpretation – happier still because you can see correlation between texts. You wrote:  “The whole focus on renegades and breaking from the system is becoming a more popular topic in pop culture.”

I agree; in today’s society, it is not just the undesirables that are wanting to break away from the norm. It is a movement, some call it the Paradigm Shift {may still be links up on Google, give it a search}, some call it “walking the way” or just “On the Way” – it is “collective thought”. The movement itself is rather difficult to explain, but I think that is because it is being created while lived – if that makes any sense. Kinda like – the “rules” aren’t specifically known yet, we will have to sort them out as we go. The word “wanderer” or “to wander” I am also seeing often, even though I have stepped away from collective thought, I can still catch little signs. Three years ago I started highlighting certain words (wander vs wonder is one of them), and there are more highlight marks in books I didn’t expect to see it. Wander is associated with blindly searching for an unknown je ne c’est quoi, where as wonder indicates fascination and awe, it’s a stretch but – awe in acceptance. Anyway, I digress. Could it be {rapid eyelash blinks} that the masses are catching up to Nietzsche’s philosophy? I think it might <>, maybe it is time for Zarathustra to come down from the mountain. He is not welcome, yet, in the courthouse but they are calling for him on the lawn .


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