The mind: an intricate machine.

When opened too widely shows

holes of brightened perspective.

Choose your poison wisely.


Natives eat wild peyote to harness spirituality.

Leary created LSD to transform man into supremity.

Both are controlled to prevent mass enlightenment

or destruction, leaving a small percentage of hungry

souls searching for sensual experience.


When the peak ends in five hours,

mushrooms fade gracefully. Leaving behind

mild regret, solemnly creeping. LSD runs

through like a Mack truck, splintering bones

and scaring tissues. The body all used up,

an abandoned rag sopping with misgivings.


Orange juice is a natural balm to restore the

body, but spinal fluid will never be replaced.


He ate mushrooms and found joy the next day.

I took a trip in 1999 and vowed to not indulge

in hallucinates again. I saw too much. On rare

occasion, I still feel the fingers pulling me,

spinning me, turning me into unreality.


I read a warning in high school – May Trip for Life

a poster contest against drug abuse. I stole the poster

thinking what an ideal, but that was before I

became a painting, before the alien sighting,

before my partner tried to drive me insane.