Quick Note: on Whitman and James

{originally written in message to esteemed peer from HUMN 555}

In The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James noted Walt Whitman’s theory to personally refuse that negative factors hold any authority, but Whitman successfully led an optimistic life – success defined as fulfilled, he led a full life and saw challenges as experience. Maybe Whitman was a little out there, but he says “I am large…I contain multitudes” (Leaves of Grass, p. 67). He is evidence that human nature is malleable and apt to alter via subjective perspective. Aware consciousness is able to recognize the ability to alter one’s viewpoint and implement positive factors to improve one’s experience. {bows to Whitman}

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Sharing:  21 Ways Self-Aware People Interact With The World Differently

iStockPhoto.com / Epicurean1. They take responsibility for how they respond to things and people (rather than trying to change those things and people). 2. They don’t assume they are better than average, their politics are more informed than most, or their opinions are more factual than others. 3. They are conscious of the fact that…


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