FF: No Batteries Required

No Batteries Required

100 words

“Load ’em up, Charlie,” me says to meself, “Townies dint figure to listen. We knew it’d come to Us.”

Stacks, piled high helps brace them walls of the shanty. Charlie, he quicker, he swipped ‘em off ole Mar-dee. Frem ‘er windowsill, nonetheless. Townies kent see the future like We can.

“All hooked up on ‘em talkers, en dem folks dint kin it…”

“Listen, man,” Charlie, he says to me, “I can’t keep coming here like this – entertaining your breakdown. Enabling this morbid nightmare. Those batteries I bring you are dead. There’s no computer revolution. No robots on the street.”

Picture c/o:  https://thebumblefiles.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/copyight-sean-fallon.jpg