Featured Bloggers 3/2/16: How to Blog Network

Here’s how to blog network: Featured Bloggers for March 2, 2016! (click Bloggers to view yesterday’s post) Lucky Otter Not the Average Mama Welcome to My World All Things Random When I Thought I Was Fat Daisy in the Willows HotMessMemoir.com Harolene.com FeminineMaterz Self Reflection The King’s Oracle               […]


75 Tiny But Nice Things You Can Do To Brighten Someone’s Day

Savannah van der Niet1. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line. 2. Pick up something someone dropped by you. 3. Holding the door for someone. 4. Lend a hand to someone who looks like they’re struggling. 5. Offer to do yard work for an elderly person. 6. Visit a nursing home and talk to…


~ Simple ways to add positivity to one’s day. Thanks to ThoughtCatalog! 

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Sharing:  10 Things To Remember When You Love A Person Who Has Anxiety

Mike Monaghan1. They aren’t trying to push you away. Chances are they need you now more than ever. Some people living with anxiety have to put up a strong front all day at work or out in public and when they are alone with you it is their time to relax and let their guard…


4 Things You Need to Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Fulfilled

It is easy to allow life to control you. That is why I compiled my list of 4 things you need to eliminate from your life that will make you more fulfilled.


Great advice… Almost time to start building up my circle.