Day Two…Bare with me while I figure this out

Blogging has been around for quite a while now, and I’m embarrassed to admit my ignorance. One doesn’t know until they experience a process so I thought I would give blogging a shot. These initial posts may not hold too much direction, but I hope to gain ground through the doing. Yesterday, I watched a TEDtalk on the importance of investing effort in the process of attaining one’s goals instead of investing in the outcome (Rao). The outcome, Rao holds, is uncontrollable by the individual, and he notes the importance of applying oneself to the only thing a person can control – their actions. The lecture suggests that happiness may be achieved by accepting the universe for what it is instead of what one wants it to be. As an experiment to justify his claim, Rao asks the audience to remember a time inside of nature in which one found peace and contentment. For me, that universal acceptance comes when gazing at the ocean. The intense pull of the tide calls to me on a primal level, and I can feel my cares melting away in mists of salt spray purity. Currently, I live in the mountains of West Virginia, and I haven’t been to the ocean in nearly two years. However, I can recall my moment of peace with the ocean because of the intensity in that moment. Thanks to Dr. Rao, I can find happiness inside of myself no matter my physical location.

Is this true for you? Where does your mind wander to find happiness? Please leave a comment depicting your individual moment shared with the universe.

Rao, Srikumar. “Plug into your Hard-Wired Happiness.” Online video., Mar 2010. Accessed 24 Jun 2015.