Natural Survival: Letter 6

Letter 6

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 15th 20___.

Aghast! What a story I have for you, sister. I request only that you shield the tale from the youth as their simple minds are apt to assumptions. I came across the most interesting of communities. Yes, I said communities, here in the arctic…where no life may continue without the boon of technology. I discovered a body of near thirty people living crudely in the Ural Mountains. Even more intriguing is that the settlement, though much improved, has existed here since 1818. The founding of this isolated community holds the most abnormal tale, yet I’ve been assured of its truth and must admit I believe them fully. I will pen down the tale this evening. For the now, we are off to hunt.

All my love,


√ mind

3/4xz – 1 – 4/3 + 9z is foreign

babble. (x -17g+374) is pure

madness. -68 + 837b(q-6p)

simply ridiculous.

If only numbers were

as true as words. If numbers

could dance with eloquence

the way words roll from

pen to paper. A trillion words

a soft blanket. A million phrases

a holiday. A billion rhymes


Fluid, smooth