Uber vs Taxi-Drivers: Progress over Past

Husband and I recently relocated. The Rocky Mountains display the meaning of “majestic.” Nephew and I are once again in the same time-zone, and we are eager for a visit. I believe the last time was … dear Reason…fifteen years ago. Wow. {letting that settle in, fifteen-years} Time! you ruthless thief.

Once removed from “West-By-God Virginia,” husband and I were exposed to modern-day comforts. I feel as though time-travel can exist, dependent on one’s perspective and definition. My world time-warped roughly twenty-years into the future. I stepped through an unseen void into the benefits of contemporary society. I am the child reborn, so to say. Sure, we knew Uber existed while living in WV – but it was always for other people. West Virginians stick to what they know, what “used to be done,” clinging to the past as if it produced oxygen.


We heard about Uber on television and the Internet like any other American would, but the niceties were not available in our small town. Charleston or Morgantown, WV may have these services, but Fairmont did not. In our town, locals relied on “Dirty Diane” – a questionable sort with a mini-van. {MTF on Experiences in Oddity:  Fairmont, WV, an in-the-works memoir} Diane’s main hours revolved on ushering charges from one bar to the next.

Uber is innovative and nearly iSmart. The ease and dependability of securing a Ride is so much more realistic than standing along the curb waving one’s arm. I am curious of Uber standings in metropolises like New York City and D.C. Here in Colorado, Uber is a notable business.

What will Uber do to the Taxi industry?

I am curious, I do not know the answer. This will require <research> and further data. However, the gut tells me either A. Taxi companies came up with the idea for Uber and are receiving shares of the profit. OR B. Taxi companies will face extinction at the hands of Uber’s success.

What do you think?


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