Natural Survival: Letter 10

Letter 10

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 24th 20___.

How then is this possible? Please understand that Father Charles does not hail from our natural descent but was yet formed and constructed by the hands of a weak willed individual from Switzerland. A mad doctor too entrenched in conformity to acknowledge the miraculous workings created by his own hand! Not once but nearly twice, did this crazed doctor attempt to impart life unto his hodge-podge mass of flesh: the first was Father Charles, a success; the second was wrenched in twain before the spark of life could be implemented. Father Charles calls her memory Dear Annie, a sweet and pure soul who never was to grace the world.

Their reliance on mutual aide encouraged the cast-offs to band together, and they survive here – albeit poorly, without the succor of the modern world – by sheer determination alone. Their dwellings are in the bowels of the Ural Mountains, dependent solely on the provisions of Nature and loathe to quit her icy stare. It is with confidences alone in which Father Charles grants me passage as he is far too gentle to demand I remain, knowing all to well that I have the home and hearth of family awaiting my return. However, I’ve assured him that once I’ve spoken personally with you, and further prepared my belongings, that I will return as never before have I experienced the natural connection to not only the desolate cliffs but also to the select few who populate the bareness.

 Merry Christmas, dear sister! I shall see you in a few weeks,


Natural Survival: Letter 9

Letter 9

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 22th 20___.

An odd kinship formed, over the years, between the two wanderers, and Father Charles was able to soften the nature of Father Newton upon the discovery of another miserable wretch trekking alone the mighty cliffs of their Arctic surroundings. And another. And another. And so forth they created a small community of vegabonds, though dependent on each other for survival.

I’m sure, dear sister, that you’ve done the math by this point, and are surely wondering if the isolation itself has seeped into your dear brother’s veins as Father Charles would be noted at over 200 years old. However, I assure you, despite the laws of nature, this indeed is true. Father Newton, naturally, has not made the journey as he passed from existence as long ago as 1850, having lived a full and meaningful life. The fullness was a gift of Nature sent in the wailings of dear Father Charles.


Natural Survival: Letter 8

Letter 8

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 20th 20___.

Father Newton found him, dear deprived Father Charles, screaming out for death and cursing the rain. He prepared a grand funeral pyre, the flames stretched nigh the heavens, and gentle Father Charles nestled, seated atop the brambles, awaiting the fingered flames to succumb him to nothingness. Yet, Mother Nature could not endure her body void of such a notable creature and saw fit to cast down tears of sympathy, heavy tears in a rush to squelch the flames and free the man of the face of death. Father Charles ironically chuckles now, as he relates the tale, yet I am seized with fascination at the workings of Nature – that She alone would recognize the inherent goodness inside the man to whom society turned a blind eye. Father Newton willed Father Charles down from his aborted death throne and ushered him into a wretched cave in which the former resided, nursing him back to health with tender humane kindness. The initial reason for Father Newton’s intervention held selfish means as the older man’s hunting expedition of the day was greatly disturbed due to the lamenting cries of Father Charles – he intended to wrestle with the culprit until, nearing the hulking figure, he deduced an injustice so trite he could not leave the man to face his demons alone.

Your loving brother,


Natural Survival: Letter 7

Letter 7

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 17th 20___.

The founder, who they call Father Newton, was a man confused as to the meaning of life, one whom could not abide society or tolerate the inclusion of variant life inside his own – a hermit who preferred the desolation of Nature to the embrace of humanity. Interesting then, that it was he who welcomed a number of outcasts into his environment. What could make Newton, a man who tracked into the Artic on foot during the Enlightenment to escape the inherent evilness of humanity, what could possibly allow this man to open his arms – and his cave – to a band of ragamuffin rascals who society cast off? I tell you true that it was one man alone who rekindled compassion inside his empty heart! I know this will be difficult to digest, but I’ve met the man myself – and his passion alone could motivate the ice caps to return to the Baltic tides.

I’ll speak of his intellect initially, as his physicalities are loathe to admire, but in our day and age what are cosmetic concerns in a world able to perform intricate surgeries of aesthetic desire? I tell you, I’ve never in my forty years, beheld a man of such eloquence and genteel nature than demonstrated through Father Charles. Alas! the horrors the poor creature has endured at the hands of fading aristocracy. The more to grant glory to his story as I’m sure it will find you shaken to the soul in hopes of his continued happiness and inclusion. But I get ahead of myself, we must begin with the origins for you to totally grasp the implications of natural survival paired with a dashed spirit.

Natural Survival: Letter 6

Letter 6

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 15th 20___.

Aghast! What a story I have for you, sister. I request only that you shield the tale from the youth as their simple minds are apt to assumptions. I came across the most interesting of communities. Yes, I said communities, here in the arctic…where no life may continue without the boon of technology. I discovered a body of near thirty people living crudely in the Ural Mountains. Even more intriguing is that the settlement, though much improved, has existed here since 1818. The founding of this isolated community holds the most abnormal tale, yet I’ve been assured of its truth and must admit I believe them fully. I will pen down the tale this evening. For the now, we are off to hunt.

All my love,


Natural Survival: Letter 5

Letter 5

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekhard, Dec. 11th 20__.

You will rejoice to hear that I am alive and well despite the physical hardships noted in the Arctic. With the successes of technology, my crew and I view the desolation of Russia as removed from ourselves due to the provisions allotted. We make excellent time and ride the reigns of progress.

I hope my previous writings have found you well; I can picture you now, leisurely enjoying your children and husband as the holiday approaches. Please, dear sister, ensure that these young lives feel the warmth of family in these of colder months.

Always Your Loving Brother,