Bit on The Singularity

Humanity “evolving-out” Emotions

after reading Joel Garreau’s Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies – and What it Means to Be Human, I think if humanity continues to advance technologically, the upcoming Singularity will remove emotional consideration. However, it will eventually remove humanity, too, so there goes our endeavors and shortcomings. lol In short, humanity will be replaced by machines and “perfection” will finally be achieved. Sounds very sci-fi I know, but renowned programmer Bill Joy is so mortified of the possibility that he isolated himself from society. He bought an island {le gasp!} and ceased his own developing – Joy assisted in creating the Internet, but in March 2000 he predicted “something like extinction” of the human race.[1] Referred to as the Hell Scenario, humans enhance machines up to a point (the Singularity) where the machines begin to enhance themselves – developing consciousness and no longer needing the human element for continuation of life. The exponential rate is beyond human understanding, and a written in stone “prophecy” is not predictable. In effect, humans will be no longer be necessary or relevant in a world optimally ran by robotic machines. Homo sapiens will not be the most evolved species because humanity’s own creation will surpass the natural limits of life. Ray Kurzweil’s Heaven Scenario “assumes that when computers can perform sufficiently more operations per second than can our brains, they will inevitably seem conscious. That is, they will demonstrate true intelligence.”[2]Much like the human being evolved into a conscious state, so too our creations will culminate in their own subjective spiritual experience of awareness. Kurzweil is an optimist who believes that our robotic creations will feel obligated to ensure the survival of the human species, but, on a more (pessimistic) realistic standpoint – humanity is the problem for the earth’s grand continuation of species: if left to answer the question “What element negatively effects life on earth?” The non-emotional, non-sentimental, robotic answer would be by consumption and destruction forces – eliminate humanity to save life on earth. Yes, humanity writes lovely verses and builds fantastic industry – but it is at the expense of life and resources. Humanity prevails by consuming and destroying.

What horror movie was it that the plants released a toxin that made humans end their own lives? How terrifying! Not just the notion of “evolved intelligent plants” who naturally produced the correct gas to formulate attack – but the thought that we really cannot get away from plants, we rather need them to continue the oxygen process. {casts skeptical glance at vased Paper-White plant}


Garreau, Joel. Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies – and What it Means to Be Human. New York:  Broadway Books, 2005.

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