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Interview with Bev Zizzy

Music Improves Society


Hello Dear Readers ~

Happy Friday! Today brings an extra *smiles* as Bev Zizzy, an artist I interviewed for my music journalism internship, released her new album Standing on a Platform of KINDNESS on iTunes. Click HERE to purchase, or follow the link provided in the interview. Click HERE to read the interview “Reclaiming 13 and Supporting Compassion:  Bev Zizzy Slides Societal Issues with Acoustic-Soul” (Punchland). Thank you to Mr. Taron Cochrane for introducing me to Miss Bev, she is the most interesting of individuals! To any of my you DearReaders who are also TalentedArtists – click HERE to view Taron’s twitter and connect for entertainment relations.

13 is a theme of the album that Bev noticed afterwards, and I add my own notice of 13 here. The article has been ready-to-print minus the music till today when the tracks released. It was then that I noticed there were 13 revisions. In a tweet, Bev said:

That is wicked awesome! Can you hear me laughing out loud! I LOVE IT!

The experience is enlightening — hashing out philosophical fundamentals through discussion and music. At one point, one has to let language go and let the brain accept music’s message. Here, we can learn lessons even language cannot capture. Truths we cannot tell but may absorb, and in turn, express.

More Truths can be found through culture and more culture. However one was raised is one’s culture, but let’s get more. The act does not have to diminish the original, but can be used to better understand internal motivation, which presents awareness. Yesterday, Dr. Bob helped me to better understand and face ugly historical happenings. We must be brave and bold, courageously confronting truth.

#RisingArtists #Dionysian #MusicMoveMe

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What a Week: Research Splendor, Texts, Interview

Traces of Connectivity

Researching Darwinism and the Alice texts this week, I came across a slang terminology that applicably embodies half of my theory<>…so very exciting. Also reading Alice beyond Wonderland ed. Cristopher Hollingsworth and The Selfish Gene by the great Richard Dawkins, but today I need to do a lil research assistance for a fellow scholar. The topic is political {gnashing-of-teeth} so I approach with caution – timidly toting Max Weber’s Essays in Sociology. The Capstone is progressing, and I am enjoying the process. Again, I apologize for not disclosing these amazing concepts I’m working, but I cannot take my info public until the end of session (August).

Interview with Earl Pereira from The Steadies


My editorial internship with proved positive this week with an exciting opportunity to chat with Earl Pereira from The Steadies. Click HERE to read the full interview, “Silver Lining Sensation:  Love Revolution by The Steadies,” and listen to their contagiously-happy tracks. What brings me extra <smiles> is that The Steadies incorporates positivism with music. As followers may note, my #PursuitofOptimism research has been lacking since the project was rejected as Capstone theory. Picturing positive vibes pinging off Pereira recharged the authority of optimism. I’ll make sure to visit the group today with an up-lifiting update, inspiring poem link, and band website. Listening to this album invokes reggae-beach-happiness. My fav track:  “Phoenix.” Check out The Steadies latest video below to energize your weekend.

“Take Me Home” by The Steadies from Love Revolution:


Picture and video c/o @TheSteadies

What a Week!

Interview, Track Review, Final Essay…

Hello dear readers…

This week I conducted my first music interview with an indie-rock artist. The experience was near transcending – I find it interesting that a mere two days included so much energy. It’s one of those instances when time refuses to obey the laws of physics, feeling like a month has transpired in hours. Possibly much can be said for the artist herself, who is inspiring and free spirited. Click to here to read the interview and here for the track review to share in my experience.

Also this week, I completed my final integrated essay for Humanities 571 {to share after session closes officially at the end of the month}. Due to academic regulations, my work cannot be shared publicly until dear Prof issues a grade. I’ll share a hint though:  sociology+music. Nice tie in, the interview discussed a dab of connectivity.

That being said, I am greatly looking forward to Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle and Crew – I will find the link and post in a few hours.

Call to Artists for Track Reviews…

Exciting news! I began an editorial internship<>…

Time to address new music via my philosophical lens. Thanks to for providing me the opportunity to look closer at what popular-culture expresses.

I’ll be checking out for tracks, but I would love to receive recommendations or requests to enlarge my test groups as I’d like to experience multiple genres, not just what I personally am attracted to.

As per my nature, I am truly interested in Underground – I want to know who is coming up, who did you see at a small dive bar that made you go hmmm…? What band has been living out of their tour-van, giving it there all across country?

Methinks this internship will be interesting… Now onto the music.


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