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Interview with Bev Zizzy

Music Improves Society


Hello Dear Readers ~

Happy Friday! Today brings an extra *smiles* as Bev Zizzy, an artist I interviewed for my music journalism internship, released her new album Standing on a Platform of KINDNESS on iTunes. Click HERE to purchase, or follow the link provided in the interview. Click HERE to read the interview “Reclaiming 13 and Supporting Compassion:  Bev Zizzy Slides Societal Issues with Acoustic-Soul” (Punchland). Thank you to Mr. Taron Cochrane for introducing me to Miss Bev, she is the most interesting of individuals! To any of my you DearReaders who are also TalentedArtists – click HERE to view Taron’s twitter and connect for entertainment relations.

13 is a theme of the album that Bev noticed afterwards, and I add my own notice of 13 here. The article has been ready-to-print minus the music till today when the tracks released. It was then that I noticed there were 13 revisions. In a tweet, Bev said:

That is wicked awesome! Can you hear me laughing out loud! I LOVE IT!

The experience is enlightening — hashing out philosophical fundamentals through discussion and music. At one point, one has to let language go and let the brain accept music’s message. Here, we can learn lessons even language cannot capture. Truths we cannot tell but may absorb, and in turn, express.

More Truths can be found through culture and more culture. However one was raised is one’s culture, but let’s get more. The act does not have to diminish the original, but can be used to better understand internal motivation, which presents awareness. Yesterday, Dr. Bob helped me to better understand and face ugly historical happenings. We must be brave and bold, courageously confronting truth.

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What a Week: Research Splendor, Texts, Interview

Traces of Connectivity

Researching Darwinism and the Alice texts this week, I came across a slang terminology that applicably embodies half of my theory<>…so very exciting. Also reading Alice beyond Wonderland ed. Cristopher Hollingsworth and The Selfish Gene by the great Richard Dawkins, but today I need to do a lil research assistance for a fellow scholar. The topic is political {gnashing-of-teeth} so I approach with caution – timidly toting Max Weber’s Essays in Sociology. The Capstone is progressing, and I am enjoying the process. Again, I apologize for not disclosing these amazing concepts I’m working, but I cannot take my info public until the end of session (August).

Interview with Earl Pereira from The Steadies


My editorial internship with proved positive this week with an exciting opportunity to chat with Earl Pereira from The Steadies. Click HERE to read the full interview, “Silver Lining Sensation:  Love Revolution by The Steadies,” and listen to their contagiously-happy tracks. What brings me extra <smiles> is that The Steadies incorporates positivism with music. As followers may note, my #PursuitofOptimism research has been lacking since the project was rejected as Capstone theory. Picturing positive vibes pinging off Pereira recharged the authority of optimism. I’ll make sure to visit the group today with an up-lifiting update, inspiring poem link, and band website. Listening to this album invokes reggae-beach-happiness. My fav track:  “Phoenix.” Check out The Steadies latest video below to energize your weekend.

“Take Me Home” by The Steadies from Love Revolution:


Picture and video c/o @TheSteadies

Dr. Faustus in 2016: Twisted Lyrics

“I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner from At Night, Alone.:

Looking for Meaning…

Song Interpretation:

I am so busy with research, but I cannot get this song out of my head. Nor, can I think of anything else until I unburden my mind of this flexing metaphor. There’s not time for a lyrical breakdown, but I’ll return to expound.

Philosophical Bend:

I feel Faustus lurking. Once one knows too much, they can never go back. Posner says, “You don’t wanna be high like me, never really knowing why, like me. You don’t wanna step off that roller coaster and be alone. You don’t wanna ride the bus like this, never knowing who to trust like this…” University and individual research presents more, and often conflicting, information as to what a person learned during their childhood and adolescence. Learning can enlighten the mind, but one must lose their innocent understanding in the process.

Sure, he’s referring to singing and his life devotion to music. Same concept applies to diverse artistic expression. High Philosophical Art questions and prods at reality, consciousness, meaning, and purpose. What happens when the “rules” are really figments meant to ensure group delusion? Philosophy demonstrates subjective and objective truth, reaching for but rarely attaining universal implication. Break that down:

nothing is real, nothing is true

amounts to feels, what can one do?

Well…once you kneel, then you must stew.

{read that last line in a deep baritone, just for snickers}

Posner’s chorus:  “All I know are sad songs…” – When one has searched for knowledge, toyed around with epistemology, learned to bend fact to one’s purpose, innocence is lost. Not sexual innocence, deeper than that – fundamental understanding. All that is left of personal experience is “sad songs” or a seriously hollow existence. Philosophically, there is a sense of false comfort that cushions the harshness of reality for those who accept “belief” or conform to society. Once one “knows” the rampant delusions, meaning is lost.

Man, the meaning…it has to come back. See…I feel that we can create meaning. Mount up, Artists. Lady World, she needs creative spin.

What a Week!

Interview, Track Review, Final Essay…

Hello dear readers…

This week I conducted my first music interview with an indie-rock artist. The experience was near transcending – I find it interesting that a mere two days included so much energy. It’s one of those instances when time refuses to obey the laws of physics, feeling like a month has transpired in hours. Possibly much can be said for the artist herself, who is inspiring and free spirited. Click to here to read the interview and here for the track review to share in my experience.

Also this week, I completed my final integrated essay for Humanities 571 {to share after session closes officially at the end of the month}. Due to academic regulations, my work cannot be shared publicly until dear Prof issues a grade. I’ll share a hint though:  sociology+music. Nice tie in, the interview discussed a dab of connectivity.

That being said, I am greatly looking forward to Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle and Crew – I will find the link and post in a few hours.

Call to Artists for Track Reviews…

Exciting news! I began an editorial internship<>…

Time to address new music via my philosophical lens. Thanks to for providing me the opportunity to look closer at what popular-culture expresses.

I’ll be checking out for tracks, but I would love to receive recommendations or requests to enlarge my test groups as I’d like to experience multiple genres, not just what I personally am attracted to.

As per my nature, I am truly interested in Underground – I want to know who is coming up, who did you see at a small dive bar that made you go hmmm…? What band has been living out of their tour-van, giving it there all across country?

Methinks this internship will be interesting… Now onto the music.


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TR: “It’s Your Turn” by Zanna

Zanna’s tender melodies soothe the listener into compliance, urging the individual to own responsibility for the future. Change – the illusive answer to world problems – requires more than well wishes, demanding action. Zanna notes the American Dream as tainted with materialism, she said, “Entitlement and greed become a plague across the land
From main street to wall street, a snowball to an avalanche.” Science replaces religion and idols are the creation of man while history becomes fiction and leaders are seen as scoundrels, misleading the public. Humanity shifts, relying on the stronger members of society, but Zanna sees the solution available to those who reach for it: “It’s not a secret; the time has come to carry your own load.” Plagued with entitlement and greed, humanity sickens – closing in one’s nearest friends – looking inward, fearing the rest. Elegant yet gentle refrains glide through the measures, and the acoustic harmony blends difficult issues with aesthetic beauty. Zanna – crisp vocals with lingering images – artfully wraps humanity in an honest attempt to right the wrongs inflicted by weaknesses of the individual. Her melodic plea addresses the need for each person to be accountable for their actions in efforts to preserve future possibilities, restoring one’s worth.



Zanna. “It’s Your Turn (Demo).”, 2009. Online Track. 24 Feb 2016.

Picture c/o:

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Multiple Nietzsche Posts…

This is the last one for today. I am sure my followers are full on Herr Professor for the now…just glimpse this last one, then we shall move on. Promises, promises. Directed as a response to the comments of my esteemed peer from HUMN 555.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Yes, I am guilty – I am an over-poster. If we were in a physical classroom, I would be the one to show up early and help arrange the seats into a circle. My graduate process is my life right now, and I intend to get the most out of it that I can. Dr. Harris is our most valuable resource for contemplating the 19th c, and I like to post my considerations so she can tell me if I am off-base or not. Also, as nearly half of my life has been spent in academia, I know that there is nothing worse than asking a question and nobody volunteering an answer so even if I am unsure if my answer is correct, I want to at least make an attempt. *Because we are not “wrong” we are learning – as long as we participate, we win. This week, specifically, as our topic was Herr Professor, I have many thoughts. While Nietzsche developed amazing concepts, he is rarely afforded much respect – and this right here is my first green light to write on him. Every other class, the professor writes Nietzsche off as a madman. {Let us all raise our coffee mugs to Dr. Harris for giving Nietzsche a chance and allowing his name to be used in her classroom!}

I want to love Kant, but I just can’t {hahasnort, I am so sorry, but I could not resist philosophy-humor.} I am pretty sure that Kant was noted as religious – whether he actually was or not, we will never know as successful academics are often directed by their audience. The moment anyone said anything against the Church they no longer were invited to the best parties. Go-go societal urge, pretty much embodies the categorical imperative.

I love it when a song comes around that I can dissect, and it makes me so happy that you liked my interpretation – happier still because you can see correlation between texts. You wrote:  “The whole focus on renegades and breaking from the system is becoming a more popular topic in pop culture.”

I agree; in today’s society, it is not just the undesirables that are wanting to break away from the norm. It is a movement, some call it the Paradigm Shift {may still be links up on Google, give it a search}, some call it “walking the way” or just “On the Way” – it is “collective thought”. The movement itself is rather difficult to explain, but I think that is because it is being created while lived – if that makes any sense. Kinda like – the “rules” aren’t specifically known yet, we will have to sort them out as we go. The word “wanderer” or “to wander” I am also seeing often, even though I have stepped away from collective thought, I can still catch little signs. Three years ago I started highlighting certain words (wander vs wonder is one of them), and there are more highlight marks in books I didn’t expect to see it. Wander is associated with blindly searching for an unknown je ne c’est quoi, where as wonder indicates fascination and awe, it’s a stretch but – awe in acceptance. Anyway, I digress. Could it be {rapid eyelash blinks} that the masses are catching up to Nietzsche’s philosophy? I think it might <>, maybe it is time for Zarathustra to come down from the mountain. He is not welcome, yet, in the courthouse but they are calling for him on the lawn .


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“Renegade” by X Ambassadors as Message to Dionysian Mind

Granted, Wagner, the X Ambassadors is not, lol, but… Nietzsche saw music as the best way for humans to express themselves or as an avenue to happiness. You asked about commercialism – combing through our text, I find it interesting that there is not heavy influence in capitalism, commerce, or materialism – only reference to seeking a pleasure filled life. However, there is a note from Bernard Williams in the introduction, that I feel supports my inclusion of the modern song; Williams said, “[The Gay Science], like all his others, makes it clear than any life worth living must involve daring, individuality and creative bloody-mindedness” (Nietzsche xiv).

Yes, the message I see in the song indicates that the lyrics are addressed to the Dionysian. It is a call to arms, so to speak. Another piece, “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz from 2014, has a similar connotation where the individual rejects the modern understanding of right/wrong. One of the chorus verses altered from “I” to “We” indicating that one person’s concept became mutual understanding – “collective thought” (Nico & Vinz). Before the song hit the charts, Nico & Vinz were addressing the modern group “Anonymous”; the first time I heard it was when I was tagged on a link in Facebook from one of my groups. My experiment with social media is still on-going, so I have not been exposed to collective thought for nearly a year now – I am not certain that X Ambassadors is addressing the same audience as Nico & Vinz, but I can deduce relation. It could be a ploy on consumerism, but I do not think the average person gets the same message from listening to the song as few are well read in Nietzsche. If it is just for the money, all they got from me was $1.29, so I can live with that. The message is worth far more – it is one of hope.

Here is my breakdown of the song. Enjoy!

“Run away with me / Lost souls and reverie / Running wild and running free / Two kids, you and me” (1-4). The X Ambassadors are encouraging the individual to break free from the norm and to find oneself – to release adult hibition and return to natural carefreeness of youth. I sense dualism; you and me could be two versions of one person, or body/mind.

“… Living like we’re renegades …” (Chorus 5-11). The word choice of “renegade” means one who leaves one system of order or belief for another path – one can then create a new path for themselves.

“Long live the pioneers / Rebels and mutineers / Go forth and have no fear / Come close the end is near*” (12-15). These are the types of individuals, Dionysian for Nietzsche, who are brave enough to challenge the norm. Renegades can be comparable to the Overman or ManGod because they refuse to accept what is given so that they can create what they want. They are more human than human – more than the average bear. X Ambassadors ask the Dionysian to come closer because normality is nearing its end, society will need Nietzsche’s physicists to rebuild.

*I’ve listened to the song over 100 times now, and it rather sounds like they say “Come close and bend an ear” for line 15. Maybe it is just stage 3 madness, lol, of over-listening, but just in case, it still fits: gather the unique thinkers together to sort out the plan of action.


“All hail the underdogs / All hail the new kids / All hail the outlaws / Spielbergs and Kubricks” (22-25). More Dionysians: Underdogs – those that should not win but will pull through despite the odds, New Kids – evolved thinkers with fresh concepts, and Outlaws – those that reject directed order and law. And finally, the dreamers of the future, modern artistic expression – directors and writers sculpt concepts into film and literature allowing the individual mind to imagine altered conditions for life.

“It’s our time to make a move / It’s our time to make amends / It’s our time to break the rules / Let’s begin” (26-29). X Ambassadors is prepping the Dionysian. Social media allows like-minded individuals to find one another over vast geological separation. Unique individuals, the physicists, realize that they are not alone, and that by uniting with other’s of similar disposition a new understanding is possible. Down with the old order, in with a new; le roi est mort, vive l’auto.[1]

“… Living like we’re renegades” (Chorus 30-35). Nietzsche’s belief that evil upset good in efforts to create a new understanding. Good did not change, it clung to what was “good” for the past – keeping society in stasis. But humanity, like existence itself, is static and must be able to change/adapt or species will not survive in the constantly evolving world. The opposite of adaptation is extinction. Nietzsche did not say there was no morality – he thought that societal opinion had morality wrong from the start. Good and evil were masks created to cover the true self. Evil looked for improvement, and many results are definitely good: modern necessities like indoor-plumbing, roads, electricity, and technology. However, Nietzsche was not expecting people to turn into cartoon villains – he suggested a closer look at human consideration for the term and expanded possibilities removed from black-or-white configuration.


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Picture c/o:

[1] “The king is dead; long live the self.”

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Current Song Obsession: Sia’s “Elastic Heart”

Sia’s words shake me, resonating personal truth. I’d love to post a video of her piece, but I can’t seem to get my wordpress video to upload one. Words are way more important to me, so I’m thankful for the lyrics being on the Internet — age is a signifier here, lol…anyone who sat next to their tape recorder rewinding pausing rewinding to figure out the words can relate. However, I’ve noticed recently that a few modern pieces suggest a different direction to me before I look up the words. Often the lyrics lose meaning when I can see them and note my perspective was way off.

Sia’s song makes more sense now that I’ve seen the lyrics. Upon reading the words I achieved my ah-ha! moment. Many thanks to Sia for her creative genius and modern approach to the theatrics of music. Also kudos for the inclusion of interpretive dance – the first time I heard “Elastic Heart” was on television during one of my husband’s late night shows. Beautiful performance! There are postings revealing the meaning behind Sia’s song, but before I read any of them, I want to get my subjective interpretation down in efforts to dislodge the song from my mind.

Elastic Heart

“And another one bites the dust
Oh why can I not conquer love
And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons…”

Relationships refuse to follow stable systems, and the one we recognize as our celestial match or soulmate fail to live up to the constructs inside our personal designs. The horror of mistaking someone as a contender for one’s heart is disarming.

“And I wanted it, I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags
Now another one bites the dust
Yeah let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one…”

Consciously one sees the tragic flaw in the relationship, that the “one” is not who one thought him to be as he fails to match up to the image subjectively created in the mind. Warnings abound that he is not the “one” and one is left feeling nobody should be trusted…How to ever trust again? No, only fools follow.

“You did not break me
I’m still fighting for peace…”

One is not broken by the reality and must continue searching for the soulmate created my one’s imagination. The journey for contentment must continue.

“I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart
But your blade it might be too sharp
I’m like a rubberband until you pull too hard
I may snap and I move fast
But you won’t see me fall apart
‘Cos I’ve got an elastic heart…”

The struggle for love is a life-long obsession, and one must develop impregnable resiliences in self-defense. A constitution strong enough to repel sharp words, insults, and feelings. A heart that is not fleshy and wet with emotion but resilient and able to snap back like nothing shook their soul. A plastic manufactured thing, created to withstand outside attacks and shortcomings. Advancement from the natural in which reality failed to live up to the ideals of a transhumanistic spirit.

“And I will stay up through the night
Let’s be clear, won’t close my eyes
And I know that I can survive
I’ll walk through fire to save my life…”

One might have been foolish enough in the past to rest safely next to their intended, but no longer will one place the value of life on another. One will do anything to continue life’s journey, no obstacle will conquer the will.

“And I want it, I want my life so bad
I’m doing everything I can
Then another one bites the dust
It’s hard to lose a chosen one…”

One refuses to settle, but every attempt made is thwarted. Love is gone. The ideal and the real did not match up. Deep pain to realize reality, one’s delusion shattered.