Friday Fictioneers “Backfired Awareness”

Friday Fictioneers * Rochelle Wisoff-Fields * Photo Prompt by Janet M. Webb * “Backfired Awareness” * 100 words * A. Shaffer * 29 July 2016


“Backfired Awareness”

Brenda internally shook. Only a prank, she thought, things weren’t supposed to roll this way. The hoity-toity new mall in Southern West Virginia was an insult because none of the locals could afford the goods. Installing an Olympic-size swimming pool next to the food court — beyond absurd. Local activists hatched the plan, drained the pool, flooded the area. A statement, it was all just a statement. The Media, however, ran with it. The state of West Virginia was shut down, noted as a loss. That’s when they brought in the refugees, populating “Wild and Wonderful” with the world’s castoffs.


Hello Dear Readers and Fellow Authors…

This week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields called on Janet M. Webb for Friday Fictioneer’s photo prompt. In 100 words, Friday Fictioneer Authors craft “story” from a picture. For me, the excess water automatically makes me think of those in the Southern part of the state who are currently still devastated by recent flooding. This weeks output of rain has probably not helped them recover. Husband and I are closer to Pennsylvania, and while we have had much rain we are not in dire straights as our Southern brothers/sisters.

I wish that there was something I could really do to help them, but my allergy to the sun prevents me from being able to get in the car and race down there. Silly, I know, but I am lucky if I can tolerate a five minute period outside. Even something simple like taking my dogs out may result in an attack. I linger in bits of shade, trying to hold on to consciousness.

Needless to say, I offer much thanks to the Friday Fictioneer family and friends for the online connection. I cannot enjoy summer like everyone else, but I can safely stay inside, working on “story.” Keep on spinning, Saffron. I can create a reality where the Sun does not set out to destroy me, or imagine what it would feel like to be “normal,” spending a day on the river or — hard to imagine — purposefully laying out in the sun for a lovely, golden complexion. “Story” has a way of providing for the mind when reality lacks. “Story” lives in the art we express. We can find “story” in many places:  literature, theatre, film, COSplay, paintings, sculpture, photography, music, lyrics, and video games. Yes! I said, “video games” lol my all-time dislike {secret there is that I am terrible at ‘playing’}.

Click the BlueFrog below and read the other esteemed Friday Fictioneer stories. The concept is so interesting because one picture inspires endless possibilities<>. As always, if inspired by the photo prompt, please create a “story” all your own. Simply follow the links and copy the codes, and KaBam!…I, along with the other Authors, will read your “story” and offer feedback. Because, telling “story” holds rewards but so does knowing that someone reads your work.

Keep on creating!



12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers “Backfired Awareness”

  1. Hugs on the sun allergy. I’ve had sun poisoning, so I also travel from shade to shade. I won’t step outside without a long sleeve shirt, hat, and sunscreen, yet still get burned.

    So is Wild and Wonderful the mall?

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  2. The sun allergy must be awful! I spend as much time as possible outside and would hate to have to be shut in when it is too sunny! Staying inside and creating new worlds is a great way to take care of it!

    Did you ever see the movie “The Others” with Nicole Kidman? Part of the premise is her kids are highly photo-sensitive so the heavy drapes have to be closed at all times.

    I liked the story. I grew up in Ohio (up north near Lake Erie) and a lot of people there thought West Virginia should be shut down and written off for a loss 😉 Inter-state harassing is fun, isn’t it?

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    • Haha!…yes, my relatives in PA would agree. I watched “The Others” when it first came out but didn’t remember about their “condition” — I’ll have to give it another go. Thank you for the comment, Trent!

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  3. Dear Angie,

    Having suffered heat exhaustion this week and two days later, Anaphylaxis from who knows what, I feel your pain. I don’t think it was the sun although it’s been suggested. At any rate, I’m sending you empathetic hugs.

    Good story, too.



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    • Thank you, MissRochelle! De rein…I will survive. As frustrating as the sun allergy is, I believe the condition is also my “saving grace” in a way. Had it not been for my incurable issues, I would not be so well read. I would not know my beloved Great Minds as I do, or be able to spin theory and bend reality. Nietzsche called his migraines “birthing pains” but instead of accepting the condition as a weakness, Herr Professor recognized the strength it provided, referring to his “pregnant mind” filled with new ideas. The trick, I think, is to work with what one has, striving for experience and expression.
      I am glad you like the story. I feel that it is of great importance to determine the difference between what “seems to be” and what actually is. Always monitor the media, they are masters of “seeming” and manipulation.

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    • Thank you for the comment! As many “stories,” this one is inspired by past acts found in reality. Back when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans…guess where they sent many of those left without homes? — Camp David, right here in WV. Nola is a good seventeen hour drive from WV. Weird, right?


  4. Sorry about your sun allergy. I’ve spent so much time inside these days I would no doubt burn also. I’m from northern Ohio, Akron. and found the people of West Virginia are some of the friendliest in the U.S. It’s beautiful there, and I’m so sorry to hear of the flooding. It’s monsoon in India now and there’s been flooding in some areas here also. Good writing MW. —- Suzanne

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    • Thank you for the comment and compassion, Suzanne! Yes WVians are friendly and speak to strangers like it is second nature — a fact I forget until we go out of state. Husband and I were in PA the other day, and we kept feeling that everyone we encountered was so rude! Like, it takes more energy to be that nasty. However, they probably weren’t that bad, it is just that we are used to WV mentality. People here speak – sometimes at great length – and expect friendliness in return.


    • Thank you for the comment, K! Awesome…thanks to Dream Big Dream Often! I hope you enjoy my site. If you like stories, check out the other Friday Fictioneer authors. If you are in it for the essay, please also read a few of Mimi Matthews posts — she is a skilled writer working in nineteenth-century {my fav era}. I always tell myself, “Yes, being allergic to the sun sucks, but it could be worse — I could be allergic to air or water” lol, now that would truly be devastating.


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