“To: R…”


To: R…


All-seeing, the Eye blinks perspective.

Housed in the head, heated by the heart,

the Eye pulses with life.


Called “evil” as in warding off,

but… what is evil if not the reordering

of that which was once perceived as good?


The illumed see Truth

— sculpt reason, taste creation.

The Grand Observer, the Eye stares

into faces of untold struggles.


Woken, the “I” gazes universality,

relating theory as land-bridges,

building cities the blind cannot see.


The Woke are loathe to wait —

hurry the herd towards enlightenment.

But, the Eye knows: change is gradual,

not everyone is an “I”… not yet.


A. Shaffer July 2016

Hello Dear Readers and Fellow Writers…

I’m sharing “To:  R….” today, an electronic copy of my most recent works. We are fortunate to know R… and value his judgement and subjective outlook. That he also is on the Path of Optimism surely is not coincidence but maybe Quantum<>. For the original piece I invested more effort as the poem was a gift to my husband’s current closest friend. Their companionship is one of those unique connections that stand out in life. I created a “Thank You” card on the coolest textured paper, we’re going with pressed-bamboo. I wish I would have taken a pic of the card. I think it turned out well, even though I am not a “crafter.” The man, the myth, the legend, lol, is kinda a big deal because he is raising awareness right here in Wild n Wonderful — directly for Husband, it seems. Also, for me …not often enough do I encounter another “seeker,” and I value the philosophical hanglooses our friend endures. He has made the comment that he can understand how it is difficult for people to talk with me, in a sense that I am “too aware.”

He has a point, I come on very strong and lead with unsettling thoughts. Not many enjoy my thoughts, but… I will tell you a secret — I am not here for society’s enjoyment. My mission is to seek, find, question, contemplate, and create. There are plenty of others that may fill the role of performer. I am not here for amusement. I am looking for more. Entertainment is only entertaining if taken in proper doses. A life of constant amusement lacks substance. I am one that is more for substance. I take my amusement as a condiment, not a main course.

However, I sense a universal message:  “Use language as the communication that it is, but if none understand what is said then meaning is lost.”

The process of Awakening varies per subjective individual. I feel both of our ways could be correct — the value lay in effort. There are many people who will understand our friend as his charisma carries his intentions, he speaks words the majority of people comprehend. His works are good. I am not speaking to the same audience or through the same media. I will work at improving my interactions with others, but I do not intend on shifting my audience. I am here for those already Woke. I am ready for progression into higher depths. My concern is not for the herd but for the other shepherds. These minds are not shattered by my words, they already see similar truths.

The best way for my mind’s continued growth is through further contemplation and creation. Others who think like me are surely out there; the journey, then, is the leading together of like minds. O Philosophy! think of the thoughts formed by a society of seekers. This is the companionship I crave.


4 thoughts on ““To: R…”

  1. Wow! I am looking for a job so I have found myself in the middle of top down, control freak, micro-management paranoia! I fear that what is written here could be taken in an entirely different way. I believe now through my research sifting through a lot of contradictory information that some in secret societies who follow the occult see Lucifer, the light bearer, as the bearer of enlightenment and knowledge. These people can be Christians or Jews and have no problem with the contradiction as they believe that knowledge of the occult has to be hoarded by the few to control the many. I believe in not being controlled and that is the path everyone should take. To these secret societies “good” is a geopolitical struggle over domination of the planet and the “enlightened” and “knowledgeable” use knowledge to that purpose. Their idea of good includes social cleansing and genocide. They think it is all in the end for a greater good which is ultimate control.


    • Thank you for the comment. The poem references the All-seeing Eye, not the organizations and secret societies that use the Eye’s message. Also, nothing to do with religion or any form of “belief.” For definition of good/evil, please see Friedrich Nietzsche’s “The Gay Science” as he explains the backward morals of organized religion/institution.


      • I think I read all of the writings of Nietzche in one book once when I was rather young although I was certainly an adult with some experience in life. As far as evil being the re-ordering of things I think it would be better to say “chaos”. Inherently we have to be careful in what we say as words can have opposing meanings to different people as Carlos Castaneda’s mentor pointed out. For instance the right side up pentacle represents the order of the universe and man’s “higher aspirations” while the upside down pentacle represents the more primitive emotions and passions that drive people such as lust and anger which bring about a certain chaos. However this chaos (or lack of order) is necessary for the re-ordering of things as was stated just as the waning of the moon represents the destruction of things which is necessary to make way for the rebuilding process represented by the waxing of the moon. I prefer to think in terms of these original, shamanic and indigenous beliefs of the people of this world going back to the early “fertility” religions than to say confusing things about good and evil that can have disastrous consequences in how people can interpret what is said. As far as Nietzsche talking about the confusion caused by the new, theistic and male dominated religions that usurped the original, religious concepts I am glad that I have left that behind and eschew all references to the classical antiquity/Aristotelian, modern, western civilization thought. I will admit however that human civilization which is now global is always evolving no matter which traditions we choose to learn from.


  2. Yes, destruction of the old (evil/chaos) is necessary for the creation of the new (good/order). Great notes on the meaning/value of the pentagram in both forms. The pentagram also signifies the unity of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) with the fifth element (Spirit/Soul/Consciousness) as illustrated in the outstretched span of the human being (arms, legs, head). Shapes demonstrate not only the wonders of geometry but also the human ability of recognizing structure. Words are tricky because they can mean different things to different people; subjectivity breathes within the self. As noted above, my words are mine and are not meant for everyone. But…ultimately, the goal is to make one think. The identity of the “All-Seeing Evil Eye” is not my creation, I simply write about it, in my words, sharing my thoughts. Words like good and evil are as cliche as the word soul and are often noted as words to avoid. However, the piece was composed for a specific individual — one who knows the same definition of the limitations of good/evil as I. The poem was posted because I haven’t written a good poem in awhile and felt like sharing.
    I have not read “all of Nietzsche’s writings” yet and am currently experiencing “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” What I love best about Herr Professor is his passionate energy. His words leap off the page, right at you — daring one to defy new truths.
    Against religion for much of my life, I naturally rejected the institution because reason presents logical answers. However, reading Emile Durkheim’s “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life,” allowed a new consideration for religion in that it provides base answers for the individual’s comprehension of reality as seen in the formation of society. Societies require mutual understanding for validation of reality. Each individual may receive messages better through one system than another. I look to philosophy and science — it is my way, at the moment. However, another individual may hear a clear message through religion. Still another may find semblance of meaning in music and art — I have moments when aesthetic truths represent an “aha!” with the Universe. I, however, am a deviant. I do not conform because I do not need another individual or a society of individuals validating my reality. I see reality as flexible, open to interpretation. Oftentimes, what I see in reality provides positive adjustments to the original perspective. We all are different realities — a grand beauty of Philosophy.
    I apologize that you find my words confusing, but I appreciate the conversation inspired. Thank you for the comments.


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