What a Week!

Interview, Track Review, Final Essay…

Hello dear readers…

This week I conducted my first music interview with an indie-rock artist. The experience was near transcending – I find it interesting that a mere two days included so much energy. It’s one of those instances when time refuses to obey the laws of physics, feeling like a month has transpired in hours. Possibly much can be said for the artist herself, who is inspiring and free spirited. Click to here to read the interview and here for the track review to share in my experience.

Also this week, I completed my final integrated essay for Humanities 571 {to share after session closes officially at the end of the month}. Due to academic regulations, my work cannot be shared publicly until dear Prof issues a grade. I’ll share a hint though:  sociology+music. Nice tie in, the interview discussed a dab of connectivity.

That being said, I am greatly looking forward to Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle and Crew – I will find the link and post in a few hours.


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