Enter Tragedy

Flash Fiction Tragedy Scene

The scene a lovely patio setting; porch swing, hammock, glass and iron furnishings.  Wine and cheese tray, crackling fire nestled in bricks quaintly creating a corner for cozy conversation. The couple rarely curled up on the patio, despite the fact that it’s lure was the main selling point of the house. He thought it took too much time and effort to chop a few blocks of wood. Rarely was their time for the two to do anything as he over-valued his personal space and kept her like heirloom china. The oversized log splitter he found in the Bulletin Board littered the vibrant green lawn. Her roses shivered in contrast. Junk amidst beautiful landscaping. She sipped her wine, calmly putting the plug back into the outlet before dialing 911. Convincing local authorities that her husband’s handy-man abilities were lacking was easy. After all, look at the miss-patched shingles and makeshift driveway. Lips smirked in deception, she worked up the tears.

His death happened simple enough.  Truly, there was no way to disprove the basic facts.  The coroner’s report went straight through, no questions:  Death by Faulty Mechanical Equipment.

Picture c/o:  http://usprideproducts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/pto-adapter-attachment.jpg


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