Rant: Own your Morality

My sociology readings are becoming like an annoying rash. I argue, I debate, I scream till I am blue in the face…yet academia demonstrates to me that society is unwilling (or unable) to accept morality as biologically inherent to the individual. We let outside sources direct our lives, but society’s mainstream view of reality is not the end-all-do-all to each individual life experience. Society becomes a factor when the individual allows the authoritative voice to overshadow the subjective.

It is within the ability of the individual to be good without external direction. Accepting morals and ethics is natural for a human organism, and listening to the demands of society is truly the coming together of individuals in a grand compromise to ensure that many can live together. Humanity cultivated morality and ethics so that “we can all get along.” I think this is a grand action on the part of natural selection, these adaptive qualities of species flexing from individual into the collective. Each individual is part of that shift, it is not a melting of many but a grouping of diverse experience. And who is to credit? …Nature, as nurture is a result of modified species.


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2 thoughts on “Rant: Own your Morality

  1. Wooh! big topic. it’s the ultimate philosophers question/conundrum -are we born good or evil? I think we probably all have the capacity to be and do good but it takes the external environment that a person grows up in to coax that goodness or badness in someone. Then again what about people who are diagnosed psychopaths – are they born or made? Are they missing some gene -what kind of upbringing did they have. I’m going to throw alll my cards on the table and sit on the fence. No I’m going to do a Swiss move and remain neutral . It is probably a mixture of nurture and nature until we proved wrong scientifically and withut a doubt.

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    • Thank you for the comment! I agree: regardless of our a priori state, it is the individual’s choice as to if they desire a “good” life, and what that life entails. After all, my “good” may be your “mediocre” and Jim-Bob down the lane’s “evil.” I feel we each choose what we do with what we were given. As for the psychopath – my research indicates that such an individual is lacking required genes or working with damaged/incomplete genetic messages.


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