TR: “It’s Your Turn” by Zanna

Zanna’s tender melodies soothe the listener into compliance, urging the individual to own responsibility for the future. Change – the illusive answer to world problems – requires more than well wishes, demanding action. Zanna notes the American Dream as tainted with materialism, she said, “Entitlement and greed become a plague across the land
From main street to wall street, a snowball to an avalanche.” Science replaces religion and idols are the creation of man while history becomes fiction and leaders are seen as scoundrels, misleading the public. Humanity shifts, relying on the stronger members of society, but Zanna sees the solution available to those who reach for it: “It’s not a secret; the time has come to carry your own load.” Plagued with entitlement and greed, humanity sickens – closing in one’s nearest friends – looking inward, fearing the rest. Elegant yet gentle refrains glide through the measures, and the acoustic harmony blends difficult issues with aesthetic beauty. Zanna – crisp vocals with lingering images – artfully wraps humanity in an honest attempt to right the wrongs inflicted by weaknesses of the individual. Her melodic plea addresses the need for each person to be accountable for their actions in efforts to preserve future possibilities, restoring one’s worth.



Zanna. “It’s Your Turn (Demo).”, 2009. Online Track. 24 Feb 2016.

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Track Review composed for, @TagBrum @Punchland @MmePhilosopher

2 thoughts on “TR: “It’s Your Turn” by Zanna

  1. Thank you. ❤ BTW, I’m all for science, especially when it saves the man I love from a crippling disease. But I do not discount the need for reconnection to spirituality. We have lost our way. And it is time we each take a turn getting back on track…one…step…at…a…time. If that’s what it takes. ❤

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