Science…Yes, please!

Good afternoon Fellow Wanderers…

Last week I offered consideration for Friedrich Nietzsche’s vivid thoughts, namely the ability of the Dionysian to reconstruct their own reality. Truly fascinating concepts – I carry them with me wherever I go.

This week, I want to turn fully towards science<> and take a look at the purely natural human ability to bend and shift the way we understand reality to roll. In that Quantum Theory exists, let us accept that many things are possible. …but I am getting ahead of myself.

I will begin with forum discussions from the course I completed in January 2016 – The History of Science in which we questioned “Was the Scientific Revolution actually a ‘revolution’?” {spoiler – Yes! the Scientific Revolution, though not fought in hand to hand combat, realigned the way that humanity understood truth and provided the scientific method, relying on empirical data over handed down stories {Nietzsche’s “add-on-liars” see previous post:  “Faith, Reason, and Consciousness”}.

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