14 Adventures I Want to Complete Before I Die

~ Yes! What must be accomplished during life to feel satisfied with the human experience? ThinkingThinkingThinking… #PursuitofOptimism #Dionysian

Dream Big, Dream Often

I always talk about doing and accomplishing amazing things and I thought it would be neat to talk about things on my bucket list.  I had never compiled a list before last year so I’m still working on a few of these and have plans in the works for many.

The bucket list is the ultimate to-do list and I think it is important to have things or places that you plan to do or see as lifelong goals.  After all, without goals we wonder aimlessly!  As you think about your life-long goals, bucket list, be careful to avoid a “wishlist.”  I view my bucket/life list as a list of things I fully intend to do in time, not things that I hope to do some day, if time allows and if I get around to it.  But with that said it’s your list so have at it.

Here are 14…

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