Defining Socialism for American Society

Political momentum rallies around socialism as if it were a new “ideal.” No, sadly, socialism is still, in 2016, an unrealistic enemy. Socialism is still the avenue which leads to communism. Why? Short answer:  because we are human. Human beings are selfish creatures. We’ve been conscious roughly 100,000 years, and consciousness will further improve over time. Socialism will not be the bridge to perfection.

Socialism invokes ugly “equality” in that everyone will – in theory – receive what is deemed adequate. The questions is “Who defines adequate?” If you think modern politics would improve with socialism, please – for the love of Reason – do a quick google search. In it, one will find the Bolshevik revolution; I recommend a quick read through.

There is no such thing as a “democratic socialist.” It is a socialist. Period. Socialism says that all citizens will receive equal distribution regardless of the amount of effort the individual exerts. That means that doctors will be paid the same as fast food workers. Equality, right? I think not. The doctor made himself better via education, but socialism will punish him for self-improvement.

Capitalism takes a good bit of heat for being aimed at the “elite.” I want to remind society that capitalism replaced the Old Regime, ending heredity right and creating a platform for each person to create themselves – why would society desert capitalism, now, when such progress was made. Capitalism, if reformed, will continue to provide a stable ground for the individual who wants a better life.

#SelfMadeMan #Capitalism #AntiSocialism

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