Thought:  Creationism vs Evolution

I wrote this as a comment on one of the blogs I follow. Posting here so I don’t lose it:

What a shame to invest monies in anti-evolution! As if disproving biological Truth will further “belief.” Science and religion are different factors, separate entities. Truth and belief do not partners make. After spending a graduate session with Darwin, Huxley, and Dawkins my ability to believe in any creationism theory went extinct. Why? Well, Truth had a lot to do with it, as well as research and theory. Studying on consciousness indicates the growth of understanding – Steven McIntosch notes those who still cling to belief are stuck in “traditional consciousness” and they haven’t caught up to postmodernism yet – probably because they are battling with modernism. However, if one truly wants to see religion for what it is – check out Richard Dawkins; namely on YouTube to watch how calmly he deflates belief. Spoiler: belief is a genetic trait present to ensure obedience. That’s right – it’s a biological modifier to ensure humans can interact with one another in efforts to create society. That’s it. No creator, no afterlife…pure biology.

So…the wasted funds would be better utilized in efforts to reduce future overpopulation, the real threat to extinction.

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