Thoughts: On Blogging

I think it’s been two weeks since I started up this blog. I have a somewhat clearer definition of blogging now, but the way I’ve been doing it brings little joy. I do not like the layout, and find it confusing to navigate – I, the creator, am lost, how in the world do I expect a reader to be comfortable?

Anyway…I spoke with my BFF late last night. At mention of my blog, she encouraged me to continue. She feels having a blog is good for me because she says people like to hear what I have to say, enjoying the eccentric turn of conversations. Of myself though, I feel the things I know are obvious to everyone, and I do not think I am special. No being is any more or less important than another; the salt is of what said being chooses to do with their existence. Not so much as in regards to good/bad or right/wrong, but in how well they ascribe themselves to their task. Socrates noted on the application of man in Plato’s The Republic, regardless of intent one should fully apply themselves to the course chosen. <>interesting, and noted.

See, this blog scene is an attempt to display my writing abilities for future employment. Social Media is a realistic part of American life, and I need to demonstrate that I have some basic workings of technology. Ok, that’s fine but…it sounds boring as hell! Stuffy and dry are not me. Politically correct and absolutely punctual – not a chance. Product reviews and hated spam, dear Reason let it not be so! Reality will not yuck up my world of writing. I’ve given up delusional grandeur, but I adamantly refuse to lose metaphoric bliss to infomercials.

This blog cannot be a diary…nobody is ready for that junk. This blog cannot be mindless bunk. {oh snap, I rhymed – get out of here Dr. Susses} This blog cannot be limited, but can it be defined? Does it need to be? As with most things I refuse to conform. I must be me, odd bookish clever me.

We’ll just have a conversation of sorts. What I think of life. Notable aspects I see clearly I will attempt to relate. Follow along if you’d like, I would love to see what you find clear as perhaps you could relate it to me…

A.D. Shaffer


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