The Towne: Rui arrives on the scene…

The lab transferred him to the Towne to collect variant research samples. The residents were kept in the dark. Rui knew the very air was tainted. Good thing for him that he was the one to create the virus and therefore developed a cure simultaneously. The virus would not kill the residents, at least he did not figure for demise, but it would expand their minds and pave the way for dimensional travel.

He was not expecting infatuation to hit him so hard, but never before had a woman thrown herself at him – he was in uncharted waters. He told himself there was no room for love in science, that the pleasure lifestyle was beneath him; but her crystal blue eyes sent primal messages he could not ignore. Rui gave Alice the cure the first night they were intimate; fed it to her like candy. He carried the guilt of distorting the test group. He feared the repercussions with the lab, the loss of scientific data, and the non-conclusive final outcome.

But most of all he feared the side effects arising in Alice.

Oddly enough, she did not appear to be conscious to the slight changes and alterations her very being underwent. Rui noted the developments in his private journal, constantly reminding himself to separate her responses from those of society – Project Alice. He deeply sighed, already grieving the end of a passionate love affair. Nobody could accept that they were unknowingly being subjected to experimental testing, let alone still care for the man who erased normal reality. Yes, Rui knew he would lose Alice. He simply could not refuse the ride.


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