Natural Survival: Letter 9

Letter 9

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 22th 20___.

An odd kinship formed, over the years, between the two wanderers, and Father Charles was able to soften the nature of Father Newton upon the discovery of another miserable wretch trekking alone the mighty cliffs of their Arctic surroundings. And another. And another. And so forth they created a small community of vegabonds, though dependent on each other for survival.

I’m sure, dear sister, that you’ve done the math by this point, and are surely wondering if the isolation itself has seeped into your dear brother’s veins as Father Charles would be noted at over 200 years old. However, I assure you, despite the laws of nature, this indeed is true. Father Newton, naturally, has not made the journey as he passed from existence as long ago as 1850, having lived a full and meaningful life. The fullness was a gift of Nature sent in the wailings of dear Father Charles.



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