Natural Survival: Letter 7

Letter 7

To Mrs. E_______, America

Salekard, Dec. 17th 20___.

The founder, who they call Father Newton, was a man confused as to the meaning of life, one whom could not abide society or tolerate the inclusion of variant life inside his own – a hermit who preferred the desolation of Nature to the embrace of humanity. Interesting then, that it was he who welcomed a number of outcasts into his environment. What could make Newton, a man who tracked into the Artic on foot during the Enlightenment to escape the inherent evilness of humanity, what could possibly allow this man to open his arms – and his cave – to a band of ragamuffin rascals who society cast off? I tell you true that it was one man alone who rekindled compassion inside his empty heart! I know this will be difficult to digest, but I’ve met the man myself – and his passion alone could motivate the ice caps to return to the Baltic tides.

I’ll speak of his intellect initially, as his physicalities are loathe to admire, but in our day and age what are cosmetic concerns in a world able to perform intricate surgeries of aesthetic desire? I tell you, I’ve never in my forty years, beheld a man of such eloquence and genteel nature than demonstrated through Father Charles. Alas! the horrors the poor creature has endured at the hands of fading aristocracy. The more to grant glory to his story as I’m sure it will find you shaken to the soul in hopes of his continued happiness and inclusion. But I get ahead of myself, we must begin with the origins for you to totally grasp the implications of natural survival paired with a dashed spirit.

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